ON the train to inverness and back I managed to knit and complete a pair of hand warmers, very chuffed, in a lovely blue alpaca wool my Aunt Marie kindly donated to me (called INCA, made by Hayfield Texiles, can’t find any link to it anywhere so may be discontinued…). Going to keep making these for christmas pressies. Next though, must get back to the socks. Aunt Marie had cast on my first go at them, and now I want to try a smaller size I just can’t get the hang of the casting onto many needles. Patience and determination are 2 key things needed here. Got a mountian of work to climb though… Also sneaked onto Catrionas ww scales yesterday in Inverness, and was horrified, i thought I had been good this week, but turns out they are faulty, and 2lbs must be deducted after every use – so yippee! I hope. Going to weigh in in Kelty tonight, as I missed the Kinross weigh in last night due to Inverness trip. A friendly bunch in a Working Mans Club there.

I do think this pic is a fair representation of Kelty… but imagine more rain.Kelty