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Photo 25

Finished my wee hat with the mock cabling. Fancy doing a pair of bootees with matching edge. Need to get another project on the needles to stop myself eating Murray Mints…

What was I doing – eating butter in my sleep? I put 2.5 lbs ON this week – yes ON!!! GrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRR. And I know why. Little excersise, one indian takeaway meal followed by cherry pie and icecream, plus Home Baking.

HOme Baking, whilst a good way to occupy a 3 year old does have dire consequences if the results are in any way edible, and in this instance they really really were:

250gms butter (see I was eating mainly butter)
100gms sugar (half caster half light brown)
250gms self raising flour
Big pinch of salt

Mix, chill, roll, cut and bake for about 10-12 mins 165 degrees.

Dust with a mix of cinnamon and caster sugar, and consume.

Gain 2.5 lbs immediately.


No pics – unless you want one of my FAT ASS (freak!)

2.5lbs to be exact. Strange. Must have been the party games, marching, hide and seek and general air of tense excitement. Stretching to put up decorations, bending to pick up a million toys, blowing up balloons with pumping action and assembling self-assembly toys (damn you internet and ELC). Not bad, though I think the demolishment of the birthday cake on Sunday might catch up with me by next week.

So I finished the hat and followed the pattern alright but it looks weird, think it might have been the vaguely flame retardant acrylic wool so trying on in a softer Toddler Aran wool instead. Also attempting a mock cable which looks GORGE!!

Photo 24

Every baby needs a wee hat – right? Even if they hate wearing hats and it falls down into their eyes. Therefore I am adding to my Bootee repertoire with some baby beanies.

Work in progress.Photo 23

Too late.

Due to Maisies birthday, weigh in tonight may be decidedly uncomfortable.. Cake brownies, cheesy pooofs, sweeties, lemonade. Can’t remember the last time I had fruit of vegetables…. Oh dear. On the plus side, party games such as hide and seek , and marching band and general running about have left some sore muscles in my legs.

Let’s see.

It reminds me of The Plague and The Scarlet Fever, but Maisie has The Croup. Apparently its croup season and of course as its a VIRAL infection she can’t get anything for it. So she has been living on a diet of Calpol and ice lollies. Medical advice is split into two groups – to steam or not to steam. But general advice is to make sure they keep calm as if they get worked up they can find it very difficult to breather (Croup is a viral infection of the larynx, and can swell up the vocal cords and effect breathing)

She has this horrible barking cough, and feels out of sorts all night, but hoping it will clear for her birthday party at the weekend. Just finished doing the party bags, not have to get on with the bunting, which will be a lo-tech affair, as I have no thread, so might double sided sticky it or staple it… Eeeek! And if I see another bloody bear…

Knitted my first stripy objects – honest injun I did, but there is no proof apart from the proud glow about me!! I knitted them for Maisie’s pal Isla, she is 3 years old today (Happy Birthday Isla!), so I knitted her pink and orange striped mini hand warmers, and very cute the are too. Ok, so they have the odd blemish, but pretty sure only I can see them. Will be making some more of them for bigger hands I think as they are so fun and cosy.

Oh dear…. havent blogged in a week or so, as I have neither dieted nor knitted. Been at a conference where the breakfast lunch and dinner were all laid on and two course affairs, and the tea break always generously furnished with yummy homemade shortbread. And as I was giving a workshop, my evenings have been spent muttering to myself in a loony fashion and pacing around checking and double checking my powerpoint presentation. I did manage to fit in some lovely walks around the lake at Stirling Uni, weather was that lovely crisp Autumnal type that is great for walking!

So it finished yesterday, and got on with the other wee sock. They are so wee though – gonna give them to a one year old who can barely even walk and get on with a slightly bigger pair then back to bootees for all my friends who are up the duff and due in December/January.