What was I doing – eating butter in my sleep? I put 2.5 lbs ON this week – yes ON!!! GrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRR. And I know why. Little excersise, one indian takeaway meal followed by cherry pie and icecream, plus Home Baking.

HOme Baking, whilst a good way to occupy a 3 year old does have dire consequences if the results are in any way edible, and in this instance they really really were:

250gms butter (see I was eating mainly butter)
100gms sugar (half caster half light brown)
250gms self raising flour
Big pinch of salt

Mix, chill, roll, cut and bake for about 10-12 mins 165 degrees.

Dust with a mix of cinnamon and caster sugar, and consume.

Gain 2.5 lbs immediately.


No pics – unless you want one of my FAT ASS (freak!)