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I have been going through my Glasgow purchases and found the need to share… Visit Made in the Shade – its amazing. Set up in a mini mall of other worldly boutiques, it has an array or GORGEOUS objects – hand made books, beautiful fascinators, a very endearing knitted fox fur, and cowardly hedgehogs. I bought a stationery set and – most exciting of all – a jar of buttons, garnered, I am told, from an old Black Magic box owned by a lady named Flora. It reminded me that my Nanny, Maisie, kept her haberdashery in an old Black Magic box too.


When in Glasgow, my friend Laurie took me to so many lovely places (thanks matey!!!!). One was Tchai Ovna, a great wee tea house hidden away in the West End. It has a great atmosphere – all mismatching furniture and cosy nooks and crannies – that is 100% genuine. Its not trying to be ramshackle and bohemian – it really is. We had biscuits, baclava and cherry tea – but the ultimate was Laurie’s Faery Blood tea. So full of flavour and tasty tasty. I usually insist on builders tea – Tetley, with milk and sugar, and drinking tea any other way feel very hippy dippy – but here I didn’t mind a bit. Even if it did cause the demise of Tinkerbell.

Managed to lose 4 pounds after my hiatus, and then another wee half pound last week, despite having a ball in Glasgow with Laurie (more later) and free food in Stornoway. Shitting myself on the flight home from Stornoway may easily have accounted for that half a pound… So I have hit my 10% – meaning I have lost 10% of my initial body weight since July. So that’s nearly 2 stone (don’t work it out folks, life is too short).

So I didnt lose any weight over my 2 week hiatus – that included going home for halloween and eating chips and drinking lots of wine, as well as being off work sick for the best part of a week with a flu like bug. The bug caused me to eat Pringles, a nasty side effect. So, a little surprised not to have put weight on, but determined to lose weight this week, so been for big walks and stuck to my points.

I do like to treat myself, and boiled sweets have no fat so last week it was Foxes Glacier Mints (they always must be referred to with this, their full title) and this week its back to my old chums, Werthers Originals. Any suggestions for further sweeties , boiled, most welcome. Started knitting a wee shawl for my Aunt Marie who is going into hospital for heart surgery over the next few weeks, so want to get it finished in time to send over to her, good incentive to get on with it. Also need to do a bobble to go on top of a hat for a friend of Maisie’s, to match legwarmers I did for her previously.