Ugh. Grr. Pifff.

Between last Thursday and Monday I managed to put a bloody pound on. And I went to the gym. The new gym, with big mirrors so I was forced to watch myself wobbling about on the cross trainer and turning puce.

So forced Maisie to do a 3.5 mile walk with me tonight (its ok, she was in the buggy with a Curly Wurly).

I have a backlog of crafting to do – some Christmas decorations, wrapping and of course, some knitting. But what to knit first, I feel the need to write a list coming on…

Also I need to do some trials for festive baking. I bought some lovely decorations for cupcakes – silver and gold cases, silver edible glitter and tiny gold icing stars, and some tiny wee icing snowflakes. I want to do some of these Toblerone cupcakes, (stolen slightly from Badsparklythings) and the rest probably standard cupcake, but with fab buttercream frosting and aforementioned decos.

Other contenders: Cinnamon cookies, mince pies – natch, dunno if i’ll bother with the pudinis this year, and torn between the stead fast Hokey Pokey/Honeycomb/Puff Candy and the new challenge of peanut brittle. Also in the running: Rocky Road, and possible biscotti for the more discerning amongst us…

Hmmm, hope i manage it.

And don’t eat it all.