I started this post with no real idea of what it would be about so be prepare for ramble, rant or tangents…

I decided the tantrums of the last few days have been because I was trying to rush the morning routine, its a shock to any 3 year olds system to spend 14 days wearing their jammas till 12 midday only to then be screamed at for not getting dressed in time and being lat at 8.15am. So alarm was set for 6.50am. It seemed to work too, we watched a bit of Nemo, got dressed together brushed our teeth together ( or togeller as Maisie says) had breakfast together and headed off to the Cathy the Wonderful Childminder at 7.56am.

This had the surprising knockon effect of being home by 8.10am, so I hoovered (I know, don’t fall over, sit down, drink some sweet tea for the shock) emptied the dishwasher, and had breakfast (Muller light). Then made a get well soon card for my Aunt Marie (she had a heart op and is just out of hospital, happy thoughts everyone!) and now, here I am typing this.

*glows smugly*

*smugly glows*

Last night I continued work on one of my 7 Days of Specialness swops. I’m working on 2. One I can’t start until I have done some collecting, and the other will take me time to get the basics done. Can’t reveal too much, the walls have eyes…!!! But I have started and that is v important, esp if it all needs to be sent off in 3 weeks!!! Eeek.

Anyway – 9am and -9 today, time to get working…

Have a great day, and be careful out there. (Who remembers Hill Street Blues?)