2 posts, in one day. What has come over me…???

It cane to my attention that my swap partners might need some inside info so here you go:

I have a greyhound, called Flo, she is black and white.

I love camper vans, VWs, and we have had a few.

Like the colour turquoise, but love all bright vibrant colours.

I am not very keen on pastel colours, and I prefer block colours to prints. Where prints are concerned I would go for geometric, spots, rathers than floral, and fancy.

I am a knitter and a hopeful sewer and crafter. I love baking too. Mainly cupcakes/biscuits.

I eat meat.

I am doing Weight Watchers, trying, always trying.

I am trying to learn Gaelic (Scots).

I am Irish, born in Belfast.

I am 33.

I have a daughter, Maisie, who is 3.

I have been with my partner Mark (also known as Nev) for 15 years this year.

I’m a wee bit obsessed with the Twilight Saga.

I go to the cinema pretty much every fortnight.

I love Apple Macs – I am a graphic designer and am currently surrounded by an iMac, a MacBook Pro and an iPod touch.

I drink tea, a lot, but usually builders tea – strong Tetley with milk and sugar.

I have some chickens.

I want to grow my own veg in the garden although its hard to remember I have one with all the snow.

I’m not religious, but a cultural Catholic is probably the best description.

I love buttons.

I love typography and new/young illustrators.

Music – eclectic – Cream, Fleet Foxes, Maximo Park, 90s cheesy house music, Franz Ferdinand, Blur.

Hmm, is that it? Is that the sum total of me? Pretty much.