We went to join the library on Saturday. I had before, but the Kinross library was a wee portacabin that I hated, and now it has been moved to the new Loch Leven Community Campus – it is brand spanking new, bright light and airy with free wifi and huge sherbet coloured fatty bean bags!

I took Maisie and her pal Isla to get signed up with their very own cards, and also to try out the free Bookstart Rhymetime session. Mostly babies there, but Maisie and Isla seemed to enjoy it, and it kept them occupied for half an hour. Then they both browsed the books to see which two they wanted to borrow.

Meanwhile I sneaked over to the Craft section to see what knitting books were on offer! I took 2 out – Essential Babies by Debbie Bliss and anther one just about baby socks! I will choses 2 from each and report back. We have a lot of new babys in our circle of friends, so will come in handy!

Maisie had another first on Sunday – her first go on a sewing machine!! I asked my friend Laurie to bring her JL Mini sewing machine to try out. Its a lovely bright red wee jem of a machine, and Maisie loved helping her make a wee bag for herself, and pressing the pedal.

It really is a pretty versatile wee machine. It a great starting point, particularly as I am going to more into crafting with it than making clothes or anything for now. And at £50, you cant go wrong! Also if I do want to upgrade in a couple of years I can pass it on to Maisie. Which means I will HAVE to get a pink one!