1. The Library
2. The funny things my 3 year old says and does that I can talk about over and over with her dad.
3. Getting a lovely handwritten letter in the post from a friend
4. Having a cup of tea made for me without me even asking (although I may have been sending strong mental vibes)
5. Mastering a new knitting technique or stitch
6. Going for a walk with a lovely friend and chatting the whole way and at the end, not really sure what we talked about
7. Rockpooling – I could do it for hours and hours and hours
8. Similar to above but in the forest, looking for seeds/leaves/flowers
9. Reading amazing blogs that teach me something
10. Watching birds at the bird table, and getting excited when I see something that isnt a wood pigeon!

If you read this, then make your own list!