Put half a pound on this week…. dammit!!!

When at the weigh in and looked dumbfounded, then I recalled all the londor lindt chocolate eggs (3) i had consumed…., and the fact that no matter how good houmous might seem, it is not. And also just discovered that the Seseame Snaps I have become addicted too are packed full of calories. But they are sold in health food shops, how can they be FATTENING????


So I am going to circuit training tonight. Someone mentioned it included skipping, which sounded fun, but it actually turns out to sound quite frightening! I hope I can survive. In a further attempt to get moving more, I have signed up for the Marie Curie Cancer Care Swimathon – a 5km swim on the local pool, which I will do with the help of my friend Jake – 100 lengths each. I have been overwhelmed with the amount of sponsorship my friends have donated, it is clearly a great cause that touches a lot of people. Thought we might get a fiver here and there, but have raised £150 so far! If you fancy:

click here

Still, steaming on with swap preparations. Trying out some new crafty knitting projects for this, trial and error is the key phrase here. Really looking forward to getting it all in the post!