So I have two swops ongoing. I got drawn twice for the seven days of specialness swop. once with penny and once with rachel. so I am doing 1-7th with rachel then 8-14th with penny which nicely coincides with her birthday and valentines day.

I am trying to do at least one hand made thing in each swop. coming up with a theme was easy enough for Penny. I did some more research on rachel last night and she has taken part in some amazing swaps so there is no point getting my knickers in a twist. I have some serious knitting to do this week to get everything ready to post on friday. luckily I am have a knitting night round at my friends house tonight but knowing us there will be so much chat I am in danger I’d dropping a lot of stitches ! I also managed to bag a badge maker at the local charity shop so I hoping to master that over the weekend too. that could be a wee lifesaver.

I wish I wish I wish I had already bought my wee sewing machine, and I could whip up some cute wee drawstring bags or something. I finished a wee project last night that I will def be making again for gifts for other people but more of that after the 7th! also a bit of a learning curve. I started it half a dozen times. and I was determined the pattern was wrong. but obviously it was human error at fault!

I am writing this in bongos, my current favourite local soft play. I say local, it is in Glenrothes so about a 50 mile round trip. first we went to the cinema for kids club. full. then we went to playplanet. full. this was our last chance on a dull cold and rainy January Saturday. we will do some baking when we get home, so I can take some things rounds to lesleys tonight and tire Her out enough the He can have an easy babysitting session. (I still don’t think you can call it babysitting if it is your own child!)