I can’t help myself.

I came across it quite by accident and now I just can’t stop. One hit after another after another. Its so addictive. And so retro. And so satisfying.

Nope, not crack.

Hill Street feckin Blues. I used to watch it with my mum way back in the day and never really got any of it but loved that it was so adult. But now I get all the racist comments and the sexist overtones, the sexual chemistry and the anti-semitic lines. A lot of it deals with prejudices – hipanic, sexist, racsit, gangs, prostitutes, homophobia…

Channel 4 on demand have all 7 seasons. I am up to Episode 38. One before work one at lunch and as many as I can hack at night while I have been crafting. I am struggling to write this and not just have one going in the corner of my screen. I LOVE BROADBAND.

Belker is probably my favourite character “Hi ma!” and “Dogbreath” probably being his two famous catch phrases. He is wee and gruff, but a softy. He drinks sardine milkshakes and eats anything pickled, but be-friends a rent boy and loves his Mommy.

It also balances out my new crush which is Glee. I know I shouldn’t like it, but….