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I give up. I hate machines….


I mentioned this online shop a while back, to see if anyone had used them. It all seemed a bit too good to be true, but its seems to have worked out OK. Here are some things to conisder before you use them though.

1) Seems to be run by one woman, in a warehouse full of stuff. If they get a lot of orders in prepare to have to wait, I had to wait a week before they called me back

2) Once you put your order in online, you have to wait for them to call you back, at their convenience. They are however very pleasant on the phone, and will tell you if they have everything you ordered and will offer alternatives. Then you give them your payment details, and will get a receipt with your parcel

3) You have to order over £40, so you can go in with some friends if you need to.

4) Prices online don’t include VAT, and postage costs £7, seemingly no matter how much you order.

All the products are as advertised, I am really happy with everything, and I do feel a bit like a haberdashery dealer and will now go and meet my ‘customers’ in various dodgy multi-story car parks to distribute the merchandise!

I shoulda bloody known, shouldn’t I? The moment I start getting really excited about something, fate or the universe or something decides – “actually no, you can’t have it ALL your way”

So I am off to New York in March – and very excited too.

Its all down to my mum and Meryl Streep, so big thanks to them! For more info go here.

But allow me to summarise. My mum is a subject of a play, one of seven subjects of the play, that will be shown for International Women’s day in New York. Lots of actresses have played the part mainly theatre actresses that are not so well known internationally. But excellent actresses. Susan Sarandon sent mum a letter expressing interest but saying that she was contracted to a movie and couldn’t do it for the dates – that was for a performance last year.

This year, Meryl Streep is on board! I know. When people say – who would play you in a movie – what would you say? My mum has previously said in an interview “Angelina Jolie”, but I reckon she’ll settle for Ms Streep, don’t you?

So I couldn’t pass this up, and I havent seen the play yet, so I have booked my flight and away we go. Scott free? I think not.

Then the boiler packs in. It freezing. Its snowing for crying out loud. No I don’t have that homecare cover thing before you ask. So Maisie has been packed off to her granny’s, and we are wearing longjohns and fingerless gloves like two Fagan’s, cooking sausages over the fire, well not quite but you get the idea. Heaters have been donated and Scottish Gas man is expected (between 12 and 6… grrrr), so heres hoping that I can go back to dreaming about New York very very soon.

I shall need some recommendations my friends; restaurants shops and fabric dens! I have plenty of wool to be going on with and now I have my wee sewing machine I really need some nice fabric to start playing with. Laurie has sent me a great list from trip advisor, but all other suggestions welcome!

for pancakes! Using Nigella’s recipe, adding raspberries while cooking, and maple syrup after! Mmmmmmm.

There must be a way I can do this… there just must be…

I just can’t figure it out yet… thats all.


Oh she’s clever, very clever! Having picked up on my obsession interest in Twilight, Penny sent my Wuthering Heights for my Day 2 present. I tried to read it as a teenager and failed. Now I know it is an Edward adn BElla fave ( I love how it is now marketed at this) I will of course reread with a different perspective!!!

Thank you Penny!

Penny has been a very generous swap partner. Look at the haul I got for day one…!

Beautiful cupcake pencil case
Gorgeous necklace
An old penny (dated 1934!)
A Hand made card
A pack of lovely paper flowers
A wooden heart – already pilfered by Maisie (taking lessons from Joe I think, Rachel?)

I know I know – I don’t deserve it…

(especially as I mananged to put ON a pound (and a half) last week… argh)

Anyone ever used these people?

Its seems too good to be true… and when that happens, it usually IS too good to be true.

100 heart shaped buttons for 75p?

100 mother of pearl buttons for £2?

72 assorted colours of varigated embroidery thread for £3????

The only drawback I can see is you have to spend over £40, and it costs £7 to post out. I have already got £46 in my cart without really trying, so if anyone needs anything let me know and we can divy it up.

E.g. sewing machine needles/embroidery needles (I have bought 24 neelde compacts…???)

If i don’t get any special requests I might do a wee giveaway with all the spoils!

So I got picked out of the hat twice by Ali!

My second swap partner is Penny, Badpenny, The Hen House (she has many guises).

I sent off her parcel on Friday even though hers had arrived about 10 days ago! But we had already agreed to do it from 8th-14th so it would fall on her birthday too!

I had pretty much immediately thought about using egg boxes for the packaging straight away, thinking that she could use them afterward for her ‘girls’ but I had to kind of massacre them to make things fit in! I am really pleased at how they turned out, and while they might not be handmade in the traditional sense, they are still very personal to her.

I did spend a lot of time trying to think of what she would like, and get a kick out of, so I hope the rest of the pressies go down well.

And of course I have another week of amazing gifts ahead of me…

Day 5 – Inspiration came in the form of a sewing magazine, which I have now read from cover to cover. I NEED FABRIC!!! Going to head to charity shop tomorrow and IKEA at some point very very soon.

Day 6 – A little birdie…..Prepare to be envious wrecks…. (the photos are rubbish, I will retake in daylight so come back to turn green with envy)

Everytime Masie comes into the living room and it catches her eye on the mantle piece she sighs – “oh isnt that still a lovely picture you have mummy” and I wholeheartedly agree. Its utterly gorgeous (am I gushing at all?) so thank you, again Rachel, it is a beautiful thing for me to keep forever!

Day 7 – Last but not least – some lovely wee notelets for my corresponding – and hopefully Rachel with be a correspondee for a long time to come. I have not only enjoyed her thoughtful gifts, but also our daily dialogue that has accompanied the opening of each day’s present. I know I will be in touch with her regularly, not least to plunder her vast sewing knowledge.

It has been a great week, and I am so buoyed that Rachel liked the gifts I sent her, a couple I was particularly nervous about – the pin cushion and the Postcrossing gifts. Haven’t heard of Postcrossing? Well, thats a post of a different colour!