After all the worry, all the late nights, all the anticipation – the first day of the 7 days of specialness swop has dawned! we had planned a day off work and nursery, and went to the zoo for the day. It was a great day to go, fairly chilly, but clear and sunny, and pretty quiet at the zoo, apart from the odd school trip group. It was Maisie’ first time, although she had been to Belfast Zoo before when she was about a year and a bit.

But before we went I sneaked into the dining room to open my first gift – S – for something small but sweet.

Would you look at that??? Isn’t it GORGEOUS! Aren’t you jealous!!! Ha ha!!! It is so lovely and perfect , with a beautiful wee button in the centre, and full of wee hand-made details it brought a wee tear to my eye until Maisie tried to nick it!! I quickly pinned it to my lapel and we skipped off on our day trip.

Thank you Swop Partner Rachel!! I’m glad you liked your Day One swap as well!