Day 5 – Inspiration came in the form of a sewing magazine, which I have now read from cover to cover. I NEED FABRIC!!! Going to head to charity shop tomorrow and IKEA at some point very very soon.

Day 6 – A little birdie…..Prepare to be envious wrecks…. (the photos are rubbish, I will retake in daylight so come back to turn green with envy)

Everytime Masie comes into the living room and it catches her eye on the mantle piece she sighs – “oh isnt that still a lovely picture you have mummy” and I wholeheartedly agree. Its utterly gorgeous (am I gushing at all?) so thank you, again Rachel, it is a beautiful thing for me to keep forever!

Day 7 – Last but not least – some lovely wee notelets for my corresponding – and hopefully Rachel with be a correspondee for a long time to come. I have not only enjoyed her thoughtful gifts, but also our daily dialogue that has accompanied the opening of each day’s present. I know I will be in touch with her regularly, not least to plunder her vast sewing knowledge.

It has been a great week, and I am so buoyed that Rachel liked the gifts I sent her, a couple I was particularly nervous about – the pin cushion and the Postcrossing gifts. Haven’t heard of Postcrossing? Well, thats a post of a different colour!