So I got picked out of the hat twice by Ali!

My second swap partner is Penny, Badpenny, The Hen House (she has many guises).

I sent off her parcel on Friday even though hers had arrived about 10 days ago! But we had already agreed to do it from 8th-14th so it would fall on her birthday too!

I had pretty much immediately thought about using egg boxes for the packaging straight away, thinking that she could use them afterward for her ‘girls’ but I had to kind of massacre them to make things fit in! I am really pleased at how they turned out, and while they might not be handmade in the traditional sense, they are still very personal to her.

I did spend a lot of time trying to think of what she would like, and get a kick out of, so I hope the rest of the pressies go down well.

And of course I have another week of amazing gifts ahead of me…