I mentioned this online shop a while back, to see if anyone had used them. It all seemed a bit too good to be true, but its seems to have worked out OK. Here are some things to conisder before you use them though.

1) Seems to be run by one woman, in a warehouse full of stuff. If they get a lot of orders in prepare to have to wait, I had to wait a week before they called me back

2) Once you put your order in online, you have to wait for them to call you back, at their convenience. They are however very pleasant on the phone, and will tell you if they have everything you ordered and will offer alternatives. Then you give them your payment details, and will get a receipt with your parcel

3) You have to order over £40, so you can go in with some friends if you need to.

4) Prices online don’t include VAT, and postage costs £7, seemingly no matter how much you order.

All the products are as advertised, I am really happy with everything, and I do feel a bit like a haberdashery dealer and will now go and meet my ‘customers’ in various dodgy multi-story car parks to distribute the merchandise!