I got this book for Christmas from a lovely friend.

I had bookmarked a couple of recipes to try out. Starting simple with some vanilla cupcakes for one of Maisie Moo’s friends birthday. Iced pink of course, but the recipe did make something all together lighter than the average cupcake mix. I do also love the look of the lemon drizzle cake recipe and have bought the elusive ring mould in preparation. But this weekend Maisie and I also made the most divine carrot cake from the recipe. Just so light and moist, which must be due to the inclusion of bicarb of soda and sunflower oil, no butter, in the recipe.

The recipe does call for making it a 3 layer cake which would be spectacular, but i couldn’t be arsed, so I made a one layer cake, a loaf shaped cake and a set of cupcakes, all with cream cheese frosting. Delish. Its the walnuts that make it…

Next from this book will be the Red Velvet cupcakes for a Twilgiht/New Moon party this weekend. I had some Red Velvet cake in New York and it blew my fragile little mind!