Maybe you have already heard of it. My friend Laurie introduced me to it, she introduces me to lots of great things. She is fab. I am intensely pleased to find that she is my friend. Anyway…. I gushingly digress….

Postcrossing is a free website and service. You sign up and are immediately given up to 5 addresses to send a postcard to. They can be anywhere in the world. Once you send your card off and it is received, you will start to get postcards back, not from who you sent them to, but from other completely different people. Its quite amazing. I have always loved getting letters from people, and I have a couple of friends who are excellent letter writers (again, overcome with a warm and grateful feeling of how lucky I am in life in terms of the friends I have, and who I dearly love)*. This way you can almost be guaranteed of a postcard everyday, depending how intensely you postcross.

There are a lot of Finnish involved, not to sure why, maybe it was started by a Finn. (it sounds like thats a ‘con’ but its not – just an observation!) And you do find yourself at the post office more often that usual, but thats no bad thing, gets you out of the house!

To send a EU postcard costs about 54p and an outer EU card is 64p ish.

Also as I always have loved picking up postcards wherever I go, holiday museum, degree show, whatever, it is a great way to use they for what nature intended.

So if you fancy giving it a go, enjoy!

*I seem to have the opposite of PMT today… whats going on???? It is sunny I suppose.