So when ‘we’ do baking, that is me and my diligent spoon licker, Masie, she always wears my other apron which is, no surprise here, a little too big for her 3 year old frame. So I thought I would TRY and make one for her. I haven’t made anything really and as I will be needing to get on with my pincushion I wanted to break myself in gently. I found a really easy downloadable tutorial, although it called for D rings and the like, I just used ribbons to make it even easier. (Although just found this one which I will try next time)I had a load of poly gingham from her birthday party when made bunting and tablecloths, so I used that and a table cloth as a pocket detail ( it sounds so grand – you’ll actually choke when you see these pics…)

And here it is:

I didn’t even change the bobbin and thread to white to do the pocket, I kept it red, that how slap dash I was, but I did cut the pattern, first time ever!!!

Loved it. More importantly, Maisie declared it “Perfect”.