Nope – still not a crack addict.

I buckled to the peer pressure tho’ and visited Fabric Rehab.

I picked up these wee wonders, although I spent quite a bit and still feel like I don’t have very much.

So I went in search of a nearby fabric shop to buy some decent swathes of plain material that I could dot with the rehab material. Google pointed me to Dunfermline, a mere 12.9 miles away. Two shops were highlighted: Dunfermline Craft Store and The Mad Crafters. The latter no longer existed and the former told me they haven’t sold fabric for 7 years, and the closest fabric shop is Rejects, in Kirkcaldy, which I have heard great things about so will have a pilgrimage there this weekend. I just want some plain white and coloured fabric to get me started.

Its not much to ask, is it?