I made one. One apron. Now I can’t stop. There is something so immediate and satisfying about sewing, cutting the material piecing it together and pressing the pedal et voila!!! Thats were knitting loses out. It takes ages and at the end you realise you’ve ballsed up.Pft.

After having a shot at an apron for Mais ehse had two wee pals birthdays come up. I used the Montessori pattern this time, but added a wee pocket at the front and had a go at putting an initial letter on the pocket.

So what do you think?

Apologies for making you turn your head – wordpress won’t let me rotate these pics.

Maisie helped model! I was very pleased with these and will be making them again. My Mark was chucking out some shirts so I cut all the back panels off the more colourful ones, and used them along with some cotton offcuts I got from Dunelm Mill in Kirkcaldy. The neck straps have elastic through them, and the waist straps have velcro, so the kids can easily put them on and off themselves.

This one uses a more of a tartan fabric as it is for a Dutch friend, thought they might like the Scottish connection. The other apron I don’t think I have a pic of, but it had an A for Albert, and it was more like an applique attempt.

Next up – some simple drawstring bags I think for all my odds and ends. And hooks – lots of hooks, from Ikea.