So I was the recipient of a host of marvellous wonders, but what did I send to Lisa-Marie that she opened this morning  – AFTER doing the washing up. She’s good. You can read her blog about her reaction here.

Meanwhile here are some pics of what I sent over:

A packet of shortbread and some fruity Teapigs tea temples, plus a pincushion in a teacup, and saucer of course! Sourced from our local CHAS shop, I have 5 more sets if anyone is interested!!

It is perhaps a tad over stuffed, but I think it looks pretty good, especially with the wee heart pins which I got from BitsandBats. The fabric has teapots and coffee pots on it too.

A nice fat quarter of a Michael Millar fabric I thought that she would like, with a matching selection of ribbons.

Two of my little glass phials  – one with seed glass beads and one with little heart white buttons, tied with a wooden angel ornament.

I hope she likes – actually I have already read her blog so I know that she does. That was just shameful false modesty there…