I havent been blogging because I have become an obsessive bore….

I recently got a job teaching a night class in Edinburgh College of Art – An Introduction to Graphic Design. The job started as soon as I got it so the planning has been week to week (its Monday nights 7-9, over 8 weeks). So its is 16 hours to try and teach the basics of graphic design, plus a basic grounding in 3 computer programs! Madness. So I have been reading lots of my design books the previously just sat about looking pretty in my home office (I work from home dontchaknow).

But I am determined. And resolute.

This week I shall only spend one night sweating and pouring over design books preparing the class.

So there.

I have other pies to poke.

Like going to see The History Boys with my lovely Glasgow pal badsparklythings

(isnt he quite the hot young thing in this pic?)

I frickin’ love Alan Bennett. In fact, I was watching a dvd with Maisie, Meg and Mog, and I thought – hmmm, that sounds like Alan Bennett, but hey, thats just me being all obsessed. But no. IT BLOOMIN’ WAS ALAN BENNETT. He does the voice of Owl. And is great at it twit twoooo! I remember these as books when I was in P1, vividly, and now to see the all animated and with Alan Bennett involved is great! If you don’t believe me ( and I do detect a glimmer of doubt in your eye) the go to wikipedia….. pah!

So anyway, my other craft promise to myself is to start making a whole set of drawstring bags for keeping toys/crafty things in. I just need to work out a way of getting Maisie involved without her actually being involved. I bought some fabric paint so I might get her to do some hand prints onto plain fabric or something to use.

And I have entered a new swop here.

And here is my partner – oh la la!